Locals from Glasgow read Scottish poet laureate Edwin Morgan’s poems on BBC’s The Culture Show. Originally broadcast 8th March 2008.

Insight from Robyn Marsack:

“When we asked Edwin Morgan himself what he thought of the idea [of a book of fifty of his poems chosen by readers, to be distributed for free across Glasgow], he said “Daft!” – and then changed his mind – “But good!” The Scottish Poetry Library in association with Carcanet Press published and distributed 15,000 copies of From Saturn to Glasgow in 2008, in time for the Aye Write Book Festival. Not surprisingly ‘Strawberries’ and ‘One Cigarette’ , both read in this film, were among the most popular nominations. Jim Carruth and the Mirrorballers organised a ‘Morganathon’ to celebrate the book, a 24-hour reading of Morgan’s poetry across the city, from libraries to fire stations, subways to City Chambers.”

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