The Edwin Morgan Trust is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCO43142). It was established in 2012 to administer the generous Award which the poet wished to create from the earnings of a long and distinguished writing career. His practical encouragement of young Scottish poets through this legacy is typically forward-looking. The Trust will ensure that talented poets have a focus for extending the scope of their writing through national competition, publication and mentoring.

The Trust’s main aim is to advance the experience of poetry in Scotland, and to encourage its teaching and practice, through a competitive Award for an unpublished collection by a young poet. More generally, it will support the practice of poetry writing and translation through a range of workshop opportunities; enable arts practitioners in various fields to use Morgan’s work as an inspiration and stimulus for their own; support relevant publications and learning experiences, nationally and internationally.

The main terms of reference for the Trust are the poet’s final wishes. He designated the terms and structure of the Award, and invited four trustees to carry it forward. The trustees also act as his literary and legal executors. They have power to make decisions about the details of the Award, within the spirit of the poet’s original vision.


The Trustees all knew the poet well and supported his work in different ways for many years.

David Kinloch is Professor of Poetry at the University of Strathclyde, where he leads the teaching of Creative Writing. A poet, editor and critic, he has published three collections with Carcanet Press, which was Edwin Morgan’s UK publisher from the 1970s onwards.

Andrew Mcbean, representing Alexander Sloan, Chartered Accountants. The firm was Edwin Morgan’s accountant and financial advisor for many years.

Robyn Marsack was Director of the Scottish Poetry Library for 16 years until her retirement from the position in 2016, a period during which she got to know Edwin Morgan well. She is currently a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow based at the University of Glasgow.

James Mcgonigal is Emeritus Professor of English in Education at the University of Glasgow. A poet, editor and critic, he is Edwin Morgan’s biographer, and currently Chair of the Trust.

Hamish Whyte runs Mariscat Press, the poet’s Scottish publisher. A poet and editor, he was also Morgan’s bibliographer and ensured the preservation of his working library and widespread publications.

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