The Trust sets aside a small amount of money each year to support Scottish poets travelling to read at festivals overseas.

When a poet has an invitation to perform but the festival organisers can meet only accommodation and subsistence but not travel costs, they should:

  • send an email in the first instance to the Trust giving details of the festival
  • attach a copy of the official invitation to perform
  • describe, for information, other sponsorship applied for
  • include a realistic estimate of travel costs
  • show awareness of climate issues in the chosen mode of transport

Applications will be considered as they arrive. Travel grants are open to poets of any age residing and working in Scotland. The travel grant is intended to support poets’ travel from Scotland to the rest of the world. Grants will not normally exceed £500, nor should multiple grants be applied for in any single calendar year.

Those who are awarded a grant are expected to provide a brief account of their experience, which may be used on the Edwin Morgan Trust website.

*A sum of £500 is already committed annually to StAnza Poetry Festival to support younger UK poets who could not otherwise afford to travel to Scotland.

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