In December 2020, Tron Theatre teamed up with The Edwin Morgan Trust to deliver an ‘as-live piece of virtual promenade theatre celebrating the poetry of Edwin Morgan’ titled high man pen meander (after a line from Edwin Morgan’s poem Pomander) for #EdwinMorgan100. We are thrilled to present it here, as a part of our #HoldHandsAmongTheAtoms digital centenary programme. You can read our interview with Andy Arnold here and read more from the Tron Theatre below.

It’s a gorgeous achievement you’ll want to watch repeatedly.” ***** The Guardian

Conceived & directed by Andy Arnold

A wander down dark corridors, up stairwells and into tight spaces…in pursuit of the works of the great Edwin Morgan … a thrilling promenade show around and about the Tron Theatre, where the walls will echo with the voices and sounds of Glasgow’s most famous bard.

‘Switch the whole thing right on. When I go in I want it bright, I want to catch whatever is there in full sight.’ (Epilogue: Seven Decades)

The piece will be devised and orchestrated by Andy Arnold who staged Tron Theatre’s last promenade show Nowhere.  The difference is that this time it’s for film and the camera will seek out different artists and performers in various dark locations around the Tron building.


Gerry Mulgrew – scene from Edwin Morgan’s adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac
Jess Haygarth & Imogen Smith – The Loch Ness Monster’s Song
Jocelyn Losole – The Death of Marilyn Monroe
Joe Proctor – Stobhill – The Porter
Leonor Estrada Francke – Spacepoem
Oskar Kirk Hansen – One Cigarette
Rebecca Robin – Archives (and other selections)
Renee Williams – Glasgow Sonnets: 1

Directed by Andy Arnold
Assistant Director – Georgia Nelson
Design by Ruth Darling
Costume Design by Vicki Brown
Sound Design by Andy Stuart
Lighting Design by Dave Shea
Filmmaker & Editor – Daryl Cockburn
Additional footage – Sam Firth
Stage Manager – Laura Walshe

For The Loch Ness Monster Song:
Musician – Flora Farquharson
Videographer – Phoebe Lula

For Archives:
Director – Shilpa T Hyland

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