The Edwin Morgan Trust works to uphold the wishes of the late Edwin Morgan by supporting his vision for the development of Scottish poetry and translation. We approach our objectives as he would have – with creativity, inclusivity and a hopeful vision of the future.

push it all out into the unknown!
Unknown is best, it beckons best

‘At Eighty’ by Edwin Morgan


To provide opportunities for young and emerging Scottish poets to thrive, with a biennial poetry award (EMPA) that actively seeks out and supports young emerging poets, and responsive programming (TSLA) that ‘opens the doors’ to innovative approaches to poetry for poets of all ages.

Edwin Morgan Trustees share a passion for poetry and a desire to honour the work and vision of Edwin Morgan. We engage with the Scottish poetry sector and work with creative partners and stakeholders to identify opportunities for transformational development within poetry and translation.

Open the doors! Light of the day, shine in; light of the mind, shine out!

‘For the Opening of the Scottish Parliament’ by Edwin Morgan


Development and support

We believe that Edwin Morgan’s legacy can enable a a new generation of Scottish poets to develop their creativity both individually and in collaboration. We understand that emerging poets experience many barriers when engaging with education and the literary sector. We hope to nurture and support the development of Scottish poets and widen their access to opportunities through a range of proactive and responsive programmes.

Your responsibility as a writer is first of all to your art or your craft; to be as good a writer as you can.

Edwin Morgan in conversation, Dark Horse, Summer 1997

Proactive inclusion

We understand that sometimes those who speak the loudest may not always be those we need to hear. We consciously seek out relationships with individuals and organisations who are embedded in communities that are currently under-represented in our sector. 

No plaques will be forthcoming, only poems,
only the voices you hear in poems.

‘A Memorial’ by Edwin Morgan

Representation and collaboration

We understand that the Edwin Morgan Trust is a small sample of the wider Scottish lived experience and work to listen and learn from a range of perspectives. We value input from organisations and individuals and look to collaborative opportunities to widen our reach and impact.

Slip out of darkness, it is time.

‘The Second Life’ by Edwin Morgan

Forward thinking and experimentation

We strive to challenge norms, think creatively, and create new paths for the development and support of Scottish poets. We make a commitment to revisit, question, re-evaluate, learn and respond as our world and environment changes.

When I go in I want it bright,
I want to catch whatever is there
in full sight.

‘Seven Decades’ by Edwin Morgan  

* This could include people who experience racism, those who are disabled and/or neurodivergent, folk who are trans, non-binary and/or queer, and people from working class/lower socio-economic backgrounds as well as people who experience other underrepresented and oppressed identities.

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