The Trust abides by International Copyright Law (Berne Convention 1886; UCC, 1952; Geneva, 1996) which establishes in international law the right of the author to be recognised as the creator of the work, prevents unauthorised changes to the work, and affirms the author’s right to receive full acknowledgement and fair reward for use of that work in any context by others.

If you wish to use Edwin Morgan’s work for any of the following purposes:
+ quoting in books or articles
+ setting to music
+ performing
+ reproducing images
you need to obtain permission from the Edwin Morgan Trust, who are his executors.

Rights in almost all of his published poetry and some of his plays are administered by Carcanet Press, Morgan’s chief UK publisher. Therefore you need to contact Carcanet Press directly. If the work you wish to use is not published by Carcanet Press, you can contact the Trust directly below, giving as much information as possible about the proposed use of the material.

*In line with our new Vision, Mission and Values we will be calling for new Trustees in early 2022 to join the board. Please sign up to our e-news and follow us on social media to hear more.

The Edwin Morgan Trust 
c/o Alexander Sloan Accountants 
180 St Vincent Street 
Glasgow G2 5SG
Tel: 0141 204 8989

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