The life and work of Edwin Morgan has inspired many over the years, and Edwin Morgan Tribute – a collaboration between Steven Campbell and Ron O’Donnell (commissioned by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2001), is a particularly fine example of what can be realised when talented artists collaborate across disciplines.

We are using the image by Ron O’Donnell titled “Edwin Morgan Glasses Wallpaper” as our Edwin Morgan Centenary website ‘Wallpaper’. This design was originally wallpapered on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, creating a bright, bold immersive celebration of the character that is Edwin Morgan.

The installation received the following review in The Scotsman on November 12, 2001:

“Any tribute to a poet as skilful, prolific and daring as Morgan needs to be multi-dimensional, full of colour and with a touch of humour thrown in. This is all of these.

It is not a portrait, it is a more personal, perhaps more stimulating, representation of some aspects of the man and his work. Like one of his poems, you could sit in front of it for hours and still notice fresh insights.”

The Scotsman – A Tribute to Edwin Morgan

We have included some of our favourite photographs from the series below, but more of Ron O’Donnell’s work can be found on his website.

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