The Tron is one of Scotland’s leading mid-scale producing and presenting theatres, set in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City.

The Tron will be staging a series of promenade performances, inspired by Edwin Morgan’s works for the #edwinmorgan100 celebration. The performances will be located throughout the Tron space, with groups of audiences will be led down corridors, into lift shafts, into darkened rooms, up stair wells, as well as into the theatre auditorium and back stage areas where they will come across performers delivering Morgan’s poetic and dramatic texts in extremely atmospheric and, at times intimate (or even intimidating ) contexts. The promenade will be presented as part of Tron Theatre’s annual Mayfesto festival programme, and will feature talented performers from around Scotland.

Tron Theatre Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive Andy Arnold says “Tron Theatre is delighted to be able to contribute to the events surrounding the celebration of such a wonderful writer, poet and dramatist.”

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