The Edwin Morgan Trust is excited to announce the launch of ÚLTIMA MENSAGEM from não (edições) – a translation of Edwin Morgan poems into Portuguese by Ricardo Marques. Read feature in Expresso newspaper (Portugal) here.

From não (edições) (translated online) “In order to celebrate the centenary of Edwin Morgan (1920-2010), the last message collection presents 100 poems selected from the books he published (1952-2010), showing a diverse and multi-faceted path.

Morgan’s devotion to the history of the world and to the human being of the future, shown in the innovative and colloquial verses and the Formal Mastery (from the most traditional sonnet to subversion and invention of new ways to express himself) Make This Scottish author a poet of world importance, or, perhaps as he would like more, a truly intergalactic artist, “between Glasgow and saturn”.

This is the first time the author has been published in book in Portugal.”

Last message-100 poems by Edwin Morgan
Selection of joão concha and Ricardo Marques
Translation by Ricardo Marques
/// launch on February 13th at 18 pm at Livraria da Travessa Lisboa ///
Presentation of the book by Fernando Pinto do amaral

/// book requests via (now available)

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