The second video in our #HoldHandsAmongTheAtoms centenary video series is titled Sincerely Yours As Ever. Featuring candid thoughts and shared memories from Michael Schmidt (Carcanet Press), James McGonigal (biographer), Robyn Marsack (editor) and Jim Coyle (editor), this video gives personal insight into Edwin Morgan’s life and the significance and limitations of letters as archive.

“Edwin Morgan enjoyed writing letters as much as receiving them. They kept him in touch with the wider world. In the midst of commissions and deadlines, his correspondence with poets, artists, editors, and readers young and old seldom slackened. Into the midnight letterbox near his flat were posted late communications for early morning collection. Letters had the special advantage of allowing him to retain the privacy essential for his work as a poet while sharing enough of his alert creative self to make recipients feel that he wrote only for them. Here four of his friends and editors reflect on Edwin Morgan and the gift of letter-writing.”  (James McGonigal, May 2020)

Video edited by Aideen Doran.

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