For #TheSecondLife, Anjeli has created a zine workbook designed for marginalised and under represented young poets. Join Anjeli on a Instagram live workshop at Glasgow Zine Fair on April 18 at 3pm.

You can also view and download a PDF workbook below and request a zine pack, including the printed zine and some materials here.

‘Collage’ is how I began to write my first poems in 2016. I mean that I used the words from internet pages, magazines and from walking around and catching them. I’d ‘sculpt’ poems out of large blocks of text that I had found, circling the words that I wanted. I felt like I had found a medium to express myself where I did not feel self conscious. I was not baring my soul too soon. More recently, inspired by Edwin Morgan’s scrapbooks, I began to collage using newspapers and magazines, and found these images bore a resemblance to the poetry I had been making.

The prompts I have written are simply a guide – you don’t have to follow the instructions closely, but if you want to, you can. Each prompt is a starting point, and I am excited to see the poems and images that emerge from them.

I hope that in completing these exercises you are able to discover creative possibilities in yourself and use the work of Edwin Morgan to guide you.

Anjeli Caderamanpulle, Opening the Cage

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