37.”….is there a love window in the universe…”

52. “…sigh into the sea…”

9.“…desire so great and ancient…”

This experimental video features a digital silk print, a soapstone sculpture and a water pot embellished with gold – made in response to Edwin Morgan’s words above which were picked from verses in The New Divan. The objects feature in the film during dream-like mystical scenes cut with evocative words and footage I have collected. The shape of the edit was made with the idea of  ‘stringing a set of beads’ which is a sense I got from The New Divan and later read it described.

“ A divan…is something that you enter: you move around; you cast your eye here and there, you look, you pick, you perhaps retrace your steps.” Nothing Not Giving Messages, EM

love's window
unfurling channels
electric frequencies
looping storms
in soft colour
open heart
to fall up
solidify the moment
chest swell
landing heavy
breaking water
sky reflect sea
waves above
ripple, glisten
sinking surrender
In dark, in light
the water is held
touch of hand
a mother's gold
resting on lips
to adorn the thirst
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