Luke Brady has worked with Scottish country dancers and choreographers to create a suite of six new Scottish country dances and accompanying tunes inspired by Edwin Morgan’s poetry. The PDF of the dances and accompanying sound recordings are downloadable below, as well as a document with alternative, non gendered dance terminology.

When you look beneath the ‘tartan hood’ of Scottish Country dancing, you find places, experiences and stories behind all the dancers, musicians and dances. It is in these stories, that I draw my direct line from Morgan’s poetry to Scottish dance. When I read of the three friends in ‘Trio,’ I think of them on their way to or from a dance. When I read ‘In The Snack-Bar’ or ‘Glasgow Sonnet No1’ I think of the people I have met who use Scottish Music or Dance as an escape from all of life’s ills, negativity and providing them with hope and enjoyment.

Luke Brady, 2021.

Open The Doors
Off Course
George Square Starlings
The Trinity
Mercury Men

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