We are super excited to see the programme for Push the Boat Out, a new poetry festival in Edinburgh.

Push the Boat Out: Edinburgh’s International Poetry Festival 
October 15-17thSummerhall, Edinburgh 

Old and new friends are doing exciting things – including a fantastic showcase from Open Book, with poets sharing their responses to Edwin Morgan’s poem ‘At Eighty’ – you can read responses on our website here. Other highlights include Blood Salt Spring, with The Second Life recipient Beldina Odenyo and Edinburgh Makar Hannah Lavery; previous Edwin Morgan Poetry Award winners Rosanne Watt and Alycia Pirmohamed reading in two double bill events; a reading and discussion ‘Never the New Normal’ with EMPA shortlisted poet Daisy Lafarge and EMT advisor Samuel Tongue; a performance showcase Deep Wheel Orcadia Launch with EMPA shortlisted poet Harry Josephine Giles; Poems from a Dangerous Year with The Second Life recipient Esther Swift sharing her commissioned compositions of Edwin Morgan poems and Gutter Magazine presenting an exciting takeover event.

Some lines from Edwin Morgan’s poem ‘At Eighty’, the inspiration for the title of this festival are shared below. You can view more Edwin Morgan ‘poem tiles’ here and read the full poem on the SPL website here.

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