SPAM Press has opened submissions for Brilliant Vibrating Interface, a book-length anthology with an online digital sibling exhibition and hybrid launch event in August.

For the culmination of SPAM’s year-long project Brilliant Vibrating Interface: Queering the Internet through Poetics & Practice, funded through The Second Life Awards, SPAM is calling for submissions of unpublished work by queer practitioners working with text with a connection to Scotland (taking both those terms loosely).

The anthology offers a space to provoke a queer questioning of hybrid text in our post-internet environment in the year 2023. Uniting several concerns of Edwin Morgan’s work – queerness, experiment, hybridity, technology – this anthology hopes to trace the liquid pixels, folds and veils of various kinds of interface from language to the ever-present digital screens of our lives. How do societal structures on queerness influence content and form? How can queerness be expressed within the ever-widening gyre of lawmaking that devastates queer communities and undermines human rights? What new worlds, new sanctuaries, and utopias can hybrid work and post-internet poetics allow us to explore?

Submission details

  • Work created or developed from the workshops that have been running as part of the Edwin Morgan Second Life Award is highly encouraged
  • SPAM welcomes submissions from those beyond the writing sphere, with space to present multimedia work, the sonic & visual, as well as text. 
  • Writing prompts >>>
  • For more inspiration, or if you missed any of the BVI workshops, head to SPAM’s BVI page, where you can access all the workshop handouts.
  • Submissions are open between Wednesday 22nd March 2023 – Saturday 22nd April 2023, and are max 4 x A5 pages or 5-10 minutes duration (reading pages/sound/vid/e-lit reading or gameplay time)

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