I am not sure, really, but I have always liked the idea that poetry, like the other arts, is definitely entitled to explore its own formal potential even though it may make mistakes or may go into a cuI-dc-sac. But, occasionally, it may go into some interesting region and bring back something from somewhere else. I think that it is what happens to concrete poetry or sound poetry.

Edwin Morgan in conversation with Marco Fazzini

The Second Life Awards will be open to applications from organisations, collectives, individuals and groups annually, with partnership and funding requests reviewed and awarded by Edwin Morgan Trustees.

The Second Life Awards are responsive to environmental, political and social change, and we both welcome and encourage input from partners and collaborators. We believe that as a Trust, we can have more of an impact by supporting the work that is already occurring in existing communities and is led by members of these communities. Rather than developing our own programmes, we would like to see how we might be able to support the important existing work that is being done in Scotland and the UK to amplify and support under-represented* voices.  

Applications for funding for projects commencing in 2023 will open in May 2022.

In the spirit of creating open and uncomplicated streams for support, the application will be simple and straightforward, focusing on the value of the project, the relevance to Edwin Morgan and the impact for the wider Scottish literary scene.

Trustees will review applications and decide on a number of projects to support. 

* This could include people who experience racism, those who are disabled and/or neurodivergent, folk who are trans, non-binary and/or queer, and people from working class/lower socio-economic backgrounds as well as people who experience other underrepresented and oppressed identities.

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