The Second Life Awards 2023 callout has now closed.

We have gathered a series of FAQ to help with any queries you may have about our new funding stream The Second Life Awards. Questions asked via will also be added here. The Second Life Awards 2023 application form is here.

Can I apply for projects that have already commenced?
Yes, however we will not duplicate existing funding. Applicants need to outline the funding already received and demonstrate how TSLA funding would enable a development / continuation / expansion of the project in hand.

Will you provide feedback?
The Edwin Morgan Trust will not provide individual feedback on applications, but we will send an email to all applicants informing them of the outcome with an overview of the process including general feedback in August 2022.

When you announce the outcome?
We will announce the 2023 The Second Life Awards recipients in September 2022. 

How many projects will be supported? How will the money be divided?
Trustees have the flexibility to allocate the funds in response to applications received, however there is a limit to funds.
As a rough guide: 4-5 £500-£1,500 grants, 2-3 £1,500 – £3,000 grants and 1-2 £3,000 – £5,000 grants will be awarded. 

What do you mean by ‘enrich Scottish cultural life and connect with Edwin Morgan’s life and work’?
Please visit our Vision, Mission, Values page to get a full overview of where the Edwin Morgan Trust sits within the wider cultural sector. We are interested in hearing innovative ideas that are considered and responsive to current cultural and political landscapes. The connection to Edwin Morgan can be personal, literal or conceptual – we just ask that there is some knowledge and engagement with the legacy of Edwin Morgan. Similarly, ‘enrich Scottish cultural life’ could be in terms of engagement with the public or other artists – for example workshops, opportunities for Scottish collaboration and development; or in terms  of personal development as a writer/artist/dramatist/musician etc working in Scotland; or the offer of a wider vision that in some way links back to or engages with the cultural life of Scotland.

Are there any restrictions on age?
The Second Life Awards is open to applicants of all ages.

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